"Educate, Empower, Excel!" -Dawn Lovell


"Customer service offered online and in real time at your location. Individuals and group sessions available."

"Educate, Empower, Excel!" -Dawn Lovell

   Dawn Lovell is an emerging motivational speaker and Customer Service Coach. She
incorporates the skills she has gained over the last twenty-five years to assist small and
micro businesses in attaining their overall goal of sustained growth and profitability
through the delivery of exceptional Customer Service.

   Her zeal is also to empower persons, whether young or old to step out, excel and walk in
their God-given destiny by giving them the practical tools necessary. This will allow
individuals not just to embark, but remain on their journey to living a successful life.

  Her passion to help persons who are thirsty for something more than just a mere existence
has propelled her to pen her first book entitled; ‘Now I See Her! - A woman’s journey to
being her true self’. This book speaks mainly to black women and journeys with them
through the metamorphosis that allows them to transcend into the phenomenal beings
they were created to be.


Dawn is a member of Caribbean Speakers online. . .a business resource consortium
"There is a phenomnal woman that lies beneath the visable layer".. Buy Now I see Her here